Industrial Application

Industrial Application CableRobotic Arm Wiring Harnesses

Nowadays, the industry is moving towards the industry 4.0 trend, and traditional human operations no longer have a competitive advantage.  In addition, the industry responds to the operational risks of rising labor costs, and under the premise of improving production efficiency, more and more attention is paid to related fields such as industrial automation equipment and industrial robots, which have become an inevitable development trend of industry and manufacturing in the future.

Products in the industrial sector are often used in extreme environments such as high temperature and high humidity.  They also need to have strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, water repellency, and UV resistance.  A higher level of reliability has become the top priority of industrial cables condition.

Tai-Ching has been working in the field of industrial wiring harnesses for more than 20 years, and has accumulated rich experience.  Whether it is the internal wiring of the equipment, the external lines, and even the robotic arm wiring harnesses of different applications, Tai-Ching has actual results, and can provide better solutions tailoring to the customer's needs.