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Cars is driven outdoors for long period of time and are subjected to various environmental and climate tests such as high mountains and low valleys, day and night, wind, rain and snow.  Therefore, car lens wiring harnesses must pass strict environmental tests such as "hot and cold temperatures", "dustproof and shockproof" to ensure in-vehicle lenses can maintain clear images in various climatic environments.  In addition, cars are often driven at high speeds, so it is imperative to be able to adjust to the environment outside quickly and accurately.

In recent years, there are many smart vehicle products in development servicing the automotive market.  Automotive lenses are very important in the application of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).  The system is generally used to provide drivers with relevant information such as the working conditions of the vehicle and changes in the weather environment outside the car, and to warn of possible dangerous situations in advance, so that the driver can take early countermeasures, which can ultimately improve vehicle and road safety.  The current common driving assistance systems are roughly divided into auto-driving cars, electronic stability programs, lane departure warnings, car collision avoidance systems, etc.