Electric control system cables

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Different temperature and voltage conditions, different materials and wire structures, and different components create different product characteristics.  Electronic wiring harnesses are like the nerves and blood vessels in the human body.  It uses nerves to transmit instructions from the brain and the blood vessels to transport oxygen and blood.  The functions communicated by different nerves are not necessarily the same but what they have in common is that each numbering station is connected in series to achieve a similar bare-bones integration effect. The electronic wiring harness has the same concept.  Suitable cables and connectors is selected according to the types of signals required by the system, and the size (wire diameter) and length (wire length) of the channel is designed, and other considerations is added, such as the softness of the material performance, signal shielding rate, dust proof and water proof, other agency restrictions...etc.

Various types of automotive electronic control circuits can be applied to the internal assembly of automobiles and motorcycles, whether in the pre-installation market or the after-installation market. The dedicated wiring harness can support uninterrupted and stable working signals during driving to reach the electronically controlled car functions, ie. O/D gear control, electric seat control, rearview mirror electronic control, electric window lift, video and audio output control, electromagnetic start switch control, and various car electronic wiring harnesses.