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The general overview of wire harness cable products is divided into internal connecting wires (ie, inner wires) and external connecting wires. (ie, outer wires).

"Internal wire" refers to the combination of wires, cables and connectors, which are used between wire-to-board and wire-to-wire inside the machine equipment. Depending on the requirements of the use environment, different specifications of wires are selected, and the material of the wire is such as: halogen-free wire/high temperature resistant wire/silicone wire...etc. The selection of connectors also depends on the form of the output/input port of the device to determine the specifications. Whether it is a board-to-wire or wire-to-wire connection, most of the connectors have 180° and 90° appearance classification, and the details are even plastic. Different specifications such as material, processing terminals (Dip/Solder/Crimping), plating specifications, error-proof design, shrapnel, waterproofing, reinforcement, etc., are defined by the designer according to the requirements of user.

"External wires" are usually used for connecting wires between devices. In addition to the selection and matching of the above-mentioned wires and connectors of various specifications, if the outside environment of the device is easy to touch or force to cause structural damages a protective layer such as injection molding strain relief (SR) is added.  The common external wires are USB transmission cable, D-SUB cable, DC power cable, outdoor waterproof cable... etc.

Since its establishment, Tai-Ching has been committed to providing the best wire harness cable products and services, and has developed products and innovative process technologies in accordance with market demand. Through the international certification of ISO:13485 and IATF:16949, and in line with international quality standards ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system, we are deeply cultivating in the automotive, medical, and industrial markets.  We have successfully cooperated closely with car manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers in various countries, if you have any questions with wiring harness products, please contact us and we will provide you with the best solutions and service.