Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturer

Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturer - Tai Ching is a Wire Processing Manufacturer

Tai Ching Electronics Co., Ltd. is a wire processing and manufacturing factory with more than 20 years of experience.

Qualified manufacturers that have passed ISO 9001/14001/13485 / IATF 16949 & UL certification.

Mainly produce all kinds of environmentally friendly (RoHS) electronic wire harnesses and cable assembly processing. Wires are mainly used in: automotive, medical, wireless product wires and other equipment wires.

1. High temperature & ultra-fine electronic wire: UL 1332, UL 1330, UL 10064 ... equipment wire.

2. Panel screen wire: PVC multi-core wire, UL 10064 Wire Harness.

3. OEM customized CABLE, Teflon FEP OEM WIRE ... etc.

Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturer - Tai Ching is a Wire Processing Manufacturer