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Industrial control products cover a wide range and long industrial chain. Under the current social structure of aging population and labor shortage, automation and intelligence have become an inevitable trend of international industrial development. Coupled with the active promotion of the robot industry and "Industry 4.0" in various countries, the demand growth of the entire market has been stimulated, especially the rapid development of products such as industrial automatic control systems and intelligent control systems.

In the future, we can foresee that robots with different applications will appear in our lives. For example, in restaurants robots have begun to welcome guests and order food.  In medical field there are also elderly caring services. On the conveyor belt of the garbage disposal system, there are processing equipment that can quickly classify garbage for recycling and incineration through the vision system and robotic arms.

To sum up, the intelligent improvement of the above various industrial applications is a necessary process. Tai-Ching has provided various industrial wiring harness solutions for more than 20 years, and has a professional team to assist in the development according to customer requirements. We have accumulated considerable rich experience over the years and won excellent reputations in the industry.