Others electric parts for automobile cables

Others Electric Parts for Automobile Cables - TAI-CHING

In view of the continuous miniaturization of automotive wiring harnesses and the addition of more diverse customized functions, Tai-Ching is mainly committed to the transmission products of automotive audio, video and automotive lenses whether it is signal processing or power supply.  At the same time, in the car audio and video interface, we are also constantly updating more support technologies internally and continue and effectively support car factories’ design and produce better audio and video transmission products.  Moreover, meeting the needs of modern people that has more expectations and demands for in-car entertainment.

In order to meet the high-frequency transmission and anti-interference characteristics, we use UL safety-applicable automotive developing wires or power wires, which can also meet the requirements of the highest waterproof IP68 level in lens processing and assembly. In addition, Tai-Ching also have special processing capabilities, such as wire reduced crimping processing, optimized production technology for small batch production & special processing methods for customized special connection plugs...etc.

Tai-Ching’s other automotive wiring harness products include team signaling, motor surrounding diagnostic system, and other automotive wiring harnesses.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.