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ECG Machine Power Cable

Ubiquitous healthcare will be the main trend in the future. Tai-Ching utilizes "diagnostic radiography cables" and "patient monitoring cables" in healthcare cables. Non-invasive, auxiliary electronic medical products include: ECG equipment harnesses, respiratory therapy mouth line, endoscope system image output line, blood oxygen concentration detection line, mobile prosthetic auxiliary control line, physical therapy wiring harness, medical bed electronic line, etc

ECG Machine Power Cable (ECG Equipment Wiring Harness)


Medical grade connector design, Push-Pull and Self-Latching circular connector.
Specifications * UL Standard wires.
* 1P/2P Standard plastic push-pull and self-latching circular connector.
  (Plug /Socket/Keying/Color optional)
* Available in other cable lengths.
* Other cable specifications can be customized.
Application Power interface application devices such as patient monitors, electrode catheters, respiratory humidifiers, etc.
Product compliance RoHS compliant.

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