Custom Wire Harness

Custom Wire Harness - Tai Ching Electronics

Tai Ching Electronics has obtained IATF 16949 certification, and you can find our company Dongguan Yanlong Electronics Co., Ltd. on CAMDS.

Our factory is located in Tangxia, Dongguan. There are two factories: Dongguan Tai Ching Electronics mainly sells abroad, and Yanlong Factory mainly sells domestic products.

In the fields of industry, medicine, and automobiles, our company can professionally customize products that meet customer needs.

Achievements of customized wiring harness products:

1. 3D AVM surround view 360 lens

2. Reversing developing lens

3. Cameras for front and rear inspection cars

4. Automotive lamps, headlights

5. E-Moving electric car

6. Cable Assembly for front and rear side view cameras of American commercial vehicles

7. Cable Assembly Front and Rear View Camera for Australian Camper

The above is the range of products that our company serves. Tai Ching not only guarantees the quality in manufacturing, but also has the highest waterproof level. The IP6K9K test is completely free of problems. It is also the advantage that customers trust in the control of design and development.

Custom Wire Harness - Tai Ching Electronics