Electronic Medical

Electronic Medical CablePatients Monitoring Wiring Harness

With the rapid development of medical technology today, the required electronic connection applications are very common.  With our years of participation in innovative medical research and development, various medical products and accumulated medical-related knowledge, we can provide our customers with more reliable medical solutions.

For medical solutions, the required connectivity may vary depending on the operating environment and application area.  To this end, Tai-Ching's professional engineering capabilities can provide various recommendations according to the required specifications, disinfection or sterilization requirements - including the use of medical grade materials, or the use of mechanical design to meet functional requirements, such as waterproof and foolproof, or even customized dedicated connectors and corresponding cable assemblies, and comply with ISO and ISO13485 management certification, safely and stably connect their main medical equipment to external systems, such as medical diagnostic equipment wiring harnesses and patient monitoring equipment wiring harnesses, etc.