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Automotive Photography Lens Wiring Harnesses

For the field of automotive electronic structure, the most indispensable are the sensors (CMOS Image Sensor, CIS) and image lenses with various functions necessary for vehicles. The systems involved mainly include electronic stability programs, collision avoidance systems, and body electronics systems, etc. Nowadays, driven by the new energy electric vehicle industry, more sensor equipment and electronic related circuits have been added to the interior of the vehicle.

In the early stages of automotive products, Tai-Ching put immense effort into automotive photography lens wiring harnesses.  Regardless of the selection of materials or the prevention of moisture from entering the exterior lens of the car with a large temperature difference, they have experienced many difficulties and overcome them one by one.  Accumulation of experience and technology has further satisfied the stringent verifications put forward by the car factory.

At the current stage, Tai-Ching also provides other related automotive wiring harnesses, and can provide solutions for the development of various automotive connections, with excellent quality, strict cost control, rapid delivery, and comply with ISO and IATF 16949.  The management process certification, provides customized automotive wiring harnesses, and retains a high degree of flexibility to meet the specific requirements of customers. 

In the future, automotive electronics will lead to more autonomous driving, connected cars, smart cockpits, infotainment systems, etc.  Tai-Ching will become a key technology provider for future smart connected vehicles.