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Cable Assembly Manufacturers Near Me - Tai Ching Electronics

Established in 2002, Tai Ching is a professional wire processing factory. In the past ten years, it has been committed to the research and regulatory requirements of automotive electronic wires and non-invasive medical wires.

Officially obtained IATF 16949 certificate in 2018 Officially obtained ISO 13485 certificate in the following year (2019).

Regarding automotive electronic wires and automotive wiring sets that have the ability to meet the test conditions of IP67/IP6K9K, our product traces include:

  • Camera wire harness
  • FAKRA Cable Assembly
  • HSD Cable Assembly
  • Mini FAKRA Cable Assembly
  • Solenoid valve switch line group
  • Power steering wheel switch control line
  • OD gear control line
  • Kick switch control line
  • GPS module wiring harness processing
  • Headlight wire group
  • Mobility aid charging cable
  • Electric bicycle charging line set
  • OBD Cable Assembly

For medical wires, what we can currently do is non-invasive wire harnesses, such as: semi-finished products for blood oxygen machine wires, electrocardiogram power cords, ECG CABLE, blood oxygen machine detection lines, respiration therapy device control wires, electronic prosthetic control wires …And other related equipment products, wire processing products.

Cable Assembly Manufacturers Near Me - Tai Ching Electronics